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As it is obviously seen in the past decade, we believe that Computer and Information Engineering (CIE) will continue its roles in our modern society. That could continue for at least for another decade or more. The need for computer and IT personnel at higher level is thus reveal. Regarding its dynamic behavior, the CIE course designed to produce graduates who are having sufficient basic knowledge that could be extended to cope with the future trend.

Toward some extent, computer and information engineering are tight together with quite unclear border. However, in this program students can choose and manage their emphasis upon their experiences and their sights of the future. Master courses are designed in such a way that students can choose upon their preferences or course availability; with course work or no course work. The number of published papers could be different. The course work based scheme comprises of basic subjects and elective subjects. Wide ranges of thesis work can be committed upon the discussion of students and their advisors. Many practical issues are generally become thesis titles where some theoretical key knowledge are applied. Ph.D. courses are more intensive on new findings or innovative work. This can take more years for student to inspire their research. Journal publication is generally required.


Available Divisions for Degree Programs for the purpose of AUN/SEED-Net
Information Communication Networks o o o o
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems o o o o
Software Engineering o o o o
Image, Signal and Multimedia Processing o o o o
Engineering Management Systems and Applications in Social Systems o o o o
Robotics and Intelligent Systems o o o o
Sensor Network and Pervasive Computing o o o o
Human Computer Interaction (HCI) o o o o
Web Data Processing and Data Mining o o o o

Total : 9 Divisions* List above not in alphabetical order.

o: Available, x: Not Available