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Chemical engineering is the profession in which  knowledge of pure and applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, physiology and life sciences, material sciences  and other natural sciences obtained through studies, actual experiences and experimental observations, and actual industrial practices is practically applied with logical and engineering judgment in processes related to economic conversion of raw materials and energy to consumer and industrial products,  in transformation of molecules, chemicals, materials and energy to useful forms, in  manufacturing of goods and services, in equipment and industrial plant design, in efficient operation of industrial plants, in developing designs for efficient use of energy, in environmental protection, in formulating novel synthetic substances and in developing economical ways of using natural resources for sustainable development and preservation of natural environment.

The practice of chemical engineering could be classified into; a)  chemical process engineers, those who are involved in design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery in chemical and industrial plants; b) chemical product engineers, those who are  into  development of new or modified substances for consumer products; c) novel technology development engineers, those who are involved in the development of new technologies such as nanotechnology; d) ChE allied field engineers,  those working in the fields allied to Chemical Engineering such as materials science and engineering, polymer engineering, environmental, biochemical and biomedical engineering; and d) management engineers, those who are involved in engineering management of chemical and industrial plants.

Separation Process o o x x o o
Process Modeling, Simulation and Design o o o o o o
Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis o o o o o o
Nano Science and Engineering o o x x x x
Environmental Technology and Waste Management o o o o o o
Renewable Energy o o o o o o
Biochemical, Bioprocess, and Food Engineering o o o o o o
Natural Resources Engineering o o x x o o