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Geological & Geo-Resource Engineering (GeoE)
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Introduction on the field

Geological and Geo-resources Engineering (GeoE) studies earth as a system with its potential of geo-resources and geohazard. The increasing global needs for energy and mineral resources demand more active geo-resources exploration and development. Furthermore, the potential of geo-resources in Southeast Asia which have not been optimized offers advanced study on GeoE as a strategic endeavor. This is a challenge for geo-scientist and engineers to study and develop new solutions, methods, and skills in meeting the needs of qualified human resources in this field.

The GeoE alumni prospect is very promising. Industrial sectors of energy and mineral resources including oil and gas, geothermal, mining and processing always greet qualified human resources graduated from such program. Graduates are also able to work in natural disaster mitigation, volcanology, engineering and environmental improvement is inseparable parts of this field.

Category Division UGM CU USM
Geological Eng Geological & Resource System Engineering o o o x o o
  Volcanism o o x x x x
  Sedimentary Basin o o x x o x
  Engineering Geology o o o x o o
  Hydrogeology and Geochemistry o o x x o x
  Geo-Environmental Engineering  o o o x o o
  Remote Sensing and GIS o o x x x x
Geo-Resources Metalliferous Deposit o o x x o o
  Mineral Processing Engineering x x o x o o
  Recycle Processing Engineering x x o x o o
  Geothermal System o o x x x x
  Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration o o x x o o
  Energy Resource Engineering o o o x x x
  Mining Engineering  x x o x o o
  Petroleum Engineering x x o x o x
  Petroleum Geology o o x x o x