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Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (ME/ManuE)
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Introduction on the field

AUN/SEED-Net’s Field of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is a strategic merger among 3 fundamental engineering areas namely Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering which are essential to economic as well as social development in any society. To address growing demands for skilled engineers and needs in the enhancement of engineering education, a strong partnership of 4 regionally renowned Engineering schools and 3 leading Japanese Universities was established to offer Master’s and Ph.D. programs that nurture students with multi-cultural awareness.

Ranging from mechanics to aviation to production, the programs offer curricula that combine a strong theoretical background with hands-on experience and cross-border exchange activities within network of AUN/SEED-Net.  A large of number of research specialization is clustered under four major divisions including Engineering design & manufacturing, Dynamics & control, Thermo-fluid engineering, and aerospace engineering.

Successful completion of a balanced study of basic science and engineering topics, further balanced by humanities, will ensure that graduates are well placed in virtually all industries.

Category Divisions UM UPM DLSU
Thermo-Fluid Engineering Thermodynamics o o o x o x
Computational Fluid Dynamics o o o x o x
Heat Transfer o o o x o x
Turbo-Machinery o o o x o x
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning o o o x o o
Cryogenics o o o x x x
Power Engineering o o o x o o
Smart Grid o o o x x x
Dynamics and Control Rotating Machinery o o o x o x
Vibration o o o x o x
Control o o o x o o
Multibody Dynamicsotics o o o x x x
Vehicle Dynamics o o o x o o
Robotics o o o x o o
Mechatronics o o o x o o
Engineering Design and Manufacturing Mechanical Design o o o x x x
Design Optimization o o o x o o
Computational Mechanics o o o x o x
Machine Elements o o o x x x
Experimental Mechanics o o o x x x
Biomechanics o o o x o o
Vehicle Design o o o x x x
Manufacturing Process o o o x o o
Automation o o o x o o
Manufacturing Systems o o o x o o
Machine Tools Technology o o o x o o
Safety and Reliability o o o x x x
Maintenance Engineering o o o x x x
Failure Analysis and Engineering Life Assessment o o o x o o
Material Engineering o o o x x x
Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamics o o o x x x
Lightweight Structure x x o x x x
Flight Mechanics x x o x x x
Aerospace Design x x o x x x
Aviation Technology x x o x x x