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Introduction on the field

Materials engineering program offered at USM provides sufficient fundamental courses about materials through various courses in its curriculum, which includes as metallurgy, ceramics, composite, polymer and semiconductor-electronic materials.  These involve design and production of materials, quality control and the materials properties. The curriculum are supported by fundamental science, basics engineering courses and mathematics to strengthen the engineering background. Graduates will be able to work in broad material-based industry such as those in ceramics plants, semiconductor industries, steel and metal industries, polymer manufacturing plants as well as cement and automotive companies. Graduates are also able to work in research institutes and universities.

Research in materials engineering at USM are centred around five main themes: 1) Ceramics 2) Metalurgy 3) Polymer and Composites 4) Electronics and semiconducting as well as 5) Nanomaterials . The research focuses on applications such as in advanced materials and composites applications, biomaterials, environmental and energy materials, recycling of materials, tooling materials as well as materials for automotives. The researches are conducted at MSc and PhD levels. Applicants to the programmes are welcome.

Division USM UM UGM
Materials for Energy and Environment o o o o o o
Nano materials  o o o o o o
Composite Materials o o o o o o
Biomaterials o o o o o o
Polymers o o o o o o
Ceramics & Glasses o o o o o o
Metallurgy o o o o o o
Advanced functional materials (Electronic, Electric, Magnetic materials, etc.) o o o o x x
Material Processing o o o o o o